Our Mission

Creating opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities. 

Our mission is broad on purpose —  it opens the door to innovative thinking and creative approaches to challenges.

We Create Opportunities — You Can Too!
Creating opportunities for employment, community engagement, and personal growth is what we do every day. You can join us and help change employment and life outcomes for people with disabilities. Together, we can create an inclusive diverse workforce and vibrant communities.

To get started, here are 7 different ways that you can create an opportunity:


1. Hire a Person with a Disability

Find out what’s missing at your workplace — open the door of employment to people with disabilities.

We have developed strong business connections with local communities throughout Virginia. Through these relationships, we connect individuals with disabilities who want to work with businesses that are hiring. Hundreds of Virginia businesses have created employment opportunities for Didlake Supported Employment Services participants — you can too.

People with disabilities represent a largely untapped talent pool. Employment enables people with disabilities to become productive, wage-earning consumers and taxpayers.

If your business is hiring, contact us to discuss your hiring needs.

2. Hire Didlake — We are a Proven Federal, State, and Local Government Contractor

Our diverse workforce provides business services across over 35 federal, state, and local contracts in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. We employ over 1200 people and 78% of them are people with disabilities. Our financial strength combined with 40 years of certified contract administration provide a solid operational base which allows our people to focus on meeting your service needs.

When you hire Didlake to fulfill your service needs, you create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Learn more about our contract business services and view our capability statement.

3. Become a Customer — We Own and Operate The UPS Store #6656, Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge, VA

Our store creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Visiting our store to meet your packaging, shipping, printing, mail services, or notary needs supports these employment opportunities. Learn more about the services we provide at The UPS Store.

Visit or Contact Us — We’d Love to Meet You!
Directions to Our Store | View Our Website 
Call Us: 703-878-6575 | Email Us: store6656@theupsstore.com

4. Welcome Situational Assessments at Your Workplace to Help an Individual Explore Career Options

Didlake Employment Specialists work with businesses to develop opportunities for individuals to learn more about different types of jobs in the community and make informed decisions about the type of work they are interested in pursuing.

Assessments typically take 1-2 hours. During this time an individual is given the opportunity to experience some of the specific tasks associated with particular jobs.

Welcoming situational assessments at your workplace is a great way to create an opportunity for a person with a disability and learn more about employing people with disabilities.

Contact us for more information about situational assessments at your workplace.

5. Partner with Didlake Day Support Services and Connect to a Highly Motivated Group of Volunteers

Many of the individuals who participate in our Day Support Services choose to engage with their community through volunteer opportunities. As volunteers, these individuals gain a new view of their community, develop valuable work skills, and experience a sense of empowerment by making a difference in the lives of others.

Volunteerism offers valuable work experience along with the satisfaction of working alongside others who also want to give back and make a difference. Regular volunteer work creates the opportunity for people with disabilities to develop meaningful relationships with others in their community.

Contact us to talk about your volunteer opportunity.

6. Go Paperless! Didlake Document Scanning Services Help Your Business Take the First Step

Your information is a valuable business asset that must be protected yet readily accessible and easily managed. Didlake Document Scanning Services converts your paper documents to securely stored and easily accessed digital files.

Our document scanning team has years of experience in file conversion tracing its roots back to microfilm and the days before the acceptance of electronically produced images as legal archives. We’re ready to discuss your needs and share options to help you discover the benefits of a digital office workflow.

Begin your digital document journey — request a consultation.

7. Make a Donation

Through education and awareness, Didlake works to harness the social responsibility of community members and businesses to help us improve employment outcomes and community engagement for people with disabilities.

Your donation provides support beyond the assistance individuals can receive from government programs to help pay for training and rehabilitative services. We welcome your monetary support and gratefully encourage you to also explore and share the wide variety of ways that everyone can support our efforts and create opportunities for people with disabilities. Click here to make a donation.

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