Didlake Document Imaging

As your business grows, your paper files and your need for efficient, secure access to information grows right along with it. Your documents must be protected yet readily accessible and easily managed. Our service secures your valuable business assets by scanning them to digitally indexed files stored on a secure server. From wide format architectural drawings and medical files to photos and historical documents, we smoothly process your scanning job.

Document scanning is your first step in the digital document management journey. We can provide scanning services for clients across the country. We welcome customization requests and accept jobs of all sizes. Let our scanning professionals construct a customized affordable solution to help you achieve your digital office goals.

Our Expertise

We transformed our 50-year-old paper-based office environment to a highly efficient digital workplace. We fully understand the challenges you face and can clearly articulate the value that going digital brings to a work environment. As HIPPA-compliant professionals, we recognize the importance of keeping documents secure and confidential. We’re excited to help your business realize a higher level of efficiency and security too.

  • Over 20 years of experience in file conversion tracing its roots back to microfilm
  • High-quality industry standard scanning technology
  • A proven security process:
    • Secure scanning facility with restricted access.
    • Background checks for all team members.
    • HIPAA compliance — every employee is trained to follow HIPAA and other privacy regulations and procedures.
    • Strict chain of custody

We deliver a final product that is clear, legible, accurate, and complete. Our commitment to quality document preparation and scanning ensures the truest replication of your paper files in digital form.

How We Work with You — Our Scanning Services

We offer free consultations and customized solutions. Our scanning professionals meet with you to understand the problems you want to solve and draw on our expertise to offer customized service solutions. We use this information to construct an affordable solution designed to help you achieve your digital office goals.

We are readily available to you throughout the scanning process. Have a question or concern about the process or a specific document? Need access to a document that we have at our facility? We are available by phone or email. We’re highly responsive and understand your need to keep your business moving.

  • Scanning of any size document — from wide format architectural drawings to small receipts — to any file type including TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG — to color, grayscale, or black and white.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to create fully searchable documents
  • Secure pickup and transport of your documents to our scanning facility
  • Secure drop-off and return or destruction of original documents
  • Quality document preparation ensuring a clear, legible, accurate, and complete digital file — detail-focused prep work establishes the base for a high-quality digital file.
  • Forms processing
  • Adobe format indexing and bookmarking

Customization Options

  • Back-File Document Conversion
    We scan and index your existing documents, microfilm, and microfiche to a searchable digital archive.
  • Day-Forward Document Scanning
    As you create new documents, we scan, index, and store them as a part of a normal business workflow.
  • Storage
    We offer multiple storage options to meet your unique business needs.

    • Cloud — Microsoft Azure 
    • Your Choice of Media — your choice of CD, external hard drive, or flash drive
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Proven Capability | Past Performance

  • Maryland Department of Transportation
    • Prepared, scanned, and verified the digital conversion of small business certification applications.
    • Processed 5,000 – 9,375 files per day at the customer’s facility.
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)
    • Scanned student transcripts to eliminate the storage of over 500 file boxes helping MHEC meet archival compliance and save money on storage space.
    • Improved the ability of MHEC to readily respond to individual requests for transcripts.
  • U.S. Coast Guard
    • Converted more than 25,000 files containing over 1 million images in total.​


We work with you to determine the most cost-effective way to begin your businesses journey to digital document management. Every business is different and every scanning job is different — we create a solution to solve your business need.

Here are some factors which help us determine the cost of your scanning job.
  • Document volume — the size of your project
  • Document condition
  • Level of prep work required — the complexity of your project
  • Level of indexing requested
  • Requests for additional requirements

If your business is ready to discover the benefits of a digital office workflow, contact us and we’ll help you explore some options to move you forward at a customized pace. Request a consultation to begin your digital document management journey.

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