Our Group Day Program provides meaningful on- and off-site activities that teach individuals to be independent, healthy, and active participants at home and in the community. We work with each participant to develop and meet their specific needs and goals.

On-site activities provide opportunities for individuals to participate in wellness-focused classes on exercise, cooking, personal hygiene, and safety. Our programs also offer personal growth activities to build communication, socialization, behavior management, self-advocacy, technology, and literacy skills.

Off-site group activities support learning and skill development such as:
  • Pedestrian and personal safety skills
  • Improved recognition of community signs and symbols
  • Experience with ordering meals from a menu at a restaurant
  • Navigating within a store to successfully locate items
  • Developing an understanding of money concepts by making purchases
  • Volunteering in the community

If you are interested in The Group Day Program at Didlake, contact us to schedule a tour of our locations.

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