AbilityOne Program

About the AbilityOne® Program

The AbilityOne Program provides employment opportunities for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. The program serves Federal customers by providing them with high-quality products and services delivered on time at a reasonable price. The U.S. AbilityOne Commission oversees the program and maintains a Procurement List of products and services that have been placed in the AbilityOne Program.

The National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and SourceAmerica administer the program.

Who Can Apply for AbilityOne Program Jobs

You must have a documented severe physical, mental, or emotional impairment to be eligible for an AbilityOne Program job. This documented disability must limit your functional capabilities — mobility, communication, self-care, self-direction, work tolerance, or work skills — that you are unable to engage in normal competitive employment over an extended period of time.

Normal competitive employment is defined by your ability to:
  • Work a 40-hour week
  • Complete an application and participate in an interview independently
  • Receive the same pay and benefits as other workers performing comparable work
  • Only require ADA accommodations
  • Maintain a job for an extended period of time without support from outside sources

Employment Opportunities at Didlake AbilityOne Program Contract Sites

Didlake manages some 40 AbilityOne Program contracts at sites across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., providing hundreds of jobs for people with significant disabilities. Didlake employees benefit from working for a rehabilitative nonprofit agency that specializes in providing employment supports for people with disabilities.

Didlake employees:
  • Learn valuable work skills
  • Participate in specialized training to support their specific job
  • Earn a competitive wage
  • Receive health benefits

Apply Online

1. Visit our Didlake Careers website to apply for a job at Didlake.

2. Scroll through the open positions. When you find one you want to apply for, click on it and then click the blue APPLY button.

3. Complete all parts of the application. To be considered for the job, it is very important to complete ALL sections of the application form. You may attach a resume with your application, but you must still complete all sections of the application—including the employment history.

Apply In Person

Paper applications are available at our Corporate Headquarters in Manassas, Virginia and at our regional administrative office in Norfolk, Virginia. You may pick up or complete an application when you visit the office. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. View our office locations and contact information.

Reasonable Accommodations

If you need a reasonable accommodation when you apply for a position on our website, please contact us at 703-361-4195 or [email protected].

  • When calling, please ask to speak with Human Resources.
  • When sending an email, please include “Reasonable Accommodation” in the subject line of the email.

Contact us to learn more about career opportunities at Didlake.

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