Remington Staff Spins its Wheel at Culpeperfest

When someone says they’re spinning their wheels at work, it usually means they aren’t getting anything done! But for Remington Program Manager Trepin Tate, and consumers Greg James and Clarence Campbell, it was all part of the job when they manned Didlake’s exhibit at the annual Culpeperfest on June 5 at the Willow Run Nursery in Culpeper County. The wheel they were spinning was actually a wheel of prizes, such as Didlake chip clips and rulers, and products from QB Enterprises (assembled at Remington), that were given away to people visiting the Didlake booth.
Culpeperfest is an annual festival that showcases businesses and organizations in the Culpeper area. Along with displays and giveaways from a wide variety of businesses, there is plenty of food, drink and live entertainment. Lynda McPherson of Corporate Development organized Didlake’s participation in the event, with assistance from Lori Portillo. The Didlake prize wheel attracted lots of attention, and created the opportunity for many people to learn more about Didlake.