Programs & Services

Enriching The Lives Of People With Disabilities

For more than 50 years, state and local government agencies have turned to Didlake to provide support services for people with disabilities and their families. Annually, Didlake touches the lives of more than 1,600 people with disabilities through job support and training, day-support services, stable employment with competitive wages and benefits, and paths for upward mobility.

Why Individuals and Families Choose Didlake

Didlake’s services are built upon our vision of communities enhanced by the inclusion of people with disabilities in valued social roles. Individuals and families choose Didlake because of our commitment to:

  • High quality—Didlake’s accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) signifies our services meet the rigorous guidelines for service and quality set forth by that international accrediting body
  • A safe and secure environment
  • The careful assessment of each person’s preferences and abilities
  • Matching resources and opportunities for growth to individual needs
  • Providing excellent job opportunities

Community Inclusion Program (CIP)

Didlake’s internationally accredited and licensed Community Inclusion Program (CIP) integrates people with disabilities into the community and provides support to encourage independence.

Supported Employment Services

For people with disabilities, Didlake is committed to making the dream of employment come true. Our Supported Employment Specialists work with community partners in business, government and industry to connect individuals with jobs that match their abilities and preferences. Programs include Individual and Group Supported Employment.