Didlake Executive Honored at Regional Conference

MANASSAS, VA. Wendy Meyer, Contracts and Business Development Manager at Didlake, Inc. has been honored with the 2004 Nish Award for Outstanding Contributions. The award, given for professional and selfless support of the Javits Wagner O’Day program and the employment of people with severe disabilities, was presented to Ms. Meyer at the NISH (formerly the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped) Regional Conference, held in Baltimore, MD in November.
Christine Harrison, Operations Manager at NISH, presented Ms. Meyer with a plaque and a star-shaped trophy at the Conference luncheon where she remarked, “In her current position at Didlake Wendy wears many hats and continually goes beyond the call of duty to create opportunities for people with disabilities and to achieve excellence in service delivery to the government. Her ability to work as a team member, use all the tools provided and instill trust and confidence in those with whom she works makes it very easy for us at NISH to conceive new and exciting opportunities in partnership with Didlake.”
Rex Parr, President and CEO of Didlake, Inc. attended the awards ceremony. Said Mr. Parr, “The single most important factor in Didlake’s success at creating opportunities for thousands of people with disabilities is the people on our staff who are working hard every day to bring those opportunities to life. Wendy is a shining example of that dedication and we’re proud that her efforts have been recognized.”
Betty Dean