Didlake Employees Honored by Army National Guard

Manassas, VA The Personnel Readiness Center for the Army National Guard in Arlington, Va., recently honored four Didlake employees at a St. Patrick’s Day Town Hall Celebration. The four honorees Stacey Stener, Tommy Thrinh, Jim Heckel and Larry Burke are among 24 Didlake employees who work at the Guard’s Personnel Center, which is responsible for the growing task of helping process the paperwork for many of the 350,000 U.S. Army National Guard solders mobilized around the globe.
Staff in the Personnel Division requested that Division Chief Colonel Reginald Geary honor the Didlake employees for their careful attentiveness and cheerful approach to work. Their attitude and diligence was cited as an inspiration to others at the Center. Colonel Geary noted that the work Stener, Thrinh, Heckel and Burke perform is behind the scenes but plays a critical role in making sure the operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Stacey Steiner and Tommy Thrinh were honored by their co-workers on the day shift in the Personnel Division. Jim Heckel and Larry Burke were recognized by their colleagues who serve on the night shift.
Gerard Winters, the highest ranking civilian at the Center, praised the Didlake employees who were accompanied at the event by Didlake’s Vice President of Rehabilitation Services John Craig and Industrial Operations Manager Steve Nelson. Cill Napper, Didlake Program Manager for the Readiness Center was also on hand to honor the workers, who received a Personnnel Division Certificate of Appreciation at the March 17th awards ceremony and lunch.
Betty Dean