Didlake Board Welcomes New Member at Annual Meeting

The Annual Didlake, Inc. Board of Directors’ Meeting was held at the Prince William Hospital’s conference center on June 3. The meeting featured a presentation of the non-profit organization’s Outcomes Measurement System by Vice President John Craig. The Board also welcomed its newest member, Kelle Connolly.
Elected to the Board in April, Ms. Connolly is the Transition Employment Specialist at Stonewall Jackson High School, where she assists students with disabilities who are making the transition from high school to work or higher education. Previously, Ms. Connolly served as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services. She holds an M.A. degree from George Washington University and lives in Manassas with her husband, Glenn Conway.
Said Ms. Connolly, Throughout my career, I’ve worked with young people with disabilities who are moving from school to work and in many cases helped to place them with organizations such as Didlake. That experience, along with the challenges I face each day as a person with a disability, gives me a unique perspective that will serve me well on the Didlake Board. I’m pleased to be part of an organization that has been a vital resource for our community for many years.
Current board officers are: Pamela Moody, Chairman; Donald Plebuch, Vice Chairman; Karen Brown, Treasurer; and Mickey Robertson, Secretary
Betty Dean