Community Foundation Donates Manassas Property to Didlake

Manassas, VA—The Manassas-based I.J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation has generously donated a plat of land to Didlake, Inc., that expands the organization’s footprint in the city. Two Didlake facilities, including its headquarters, reside at 8641 and 8621 Breeden Avenue. The Breeden Foundation’s gift of 8601 Breeden Avenue, a 1.6-acre tract, abuts the east side of the 8621 property.

Didlake President and CEO Rick Sebastian says, “This land, in addition to the Breeden Foundation’s continued contributions, offers us the opportunity to build upon our own 50-year legacy of making a difference for thousands of lives in our community. We are humbled by the support of the I.J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation to Didlake and people with disabilities, and recognize the impact its generosity will have on Didlake and our Manassas community’s future.”

The Breeden Foundation has a long history of commitment to the Manassas community and to Didlake’s mission of enriching lives of people with disabilities. In addition to significant annual contributions over many years, the foundation established Didlake’s original presence on Breeden Avenue by donating the land at 8621 in 1984.

About the I.J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation
The I.J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation provides annual support to a number of national, regional, and community human services organizations. Many of the foundation’s contributions are given to Manassas and Prince William County community services organizations like Didlake.