Supported Employment

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 70%.  Didlake is a leading provider of support services that help people with disabilities to beat the odds and find meaningful employment.

Our Process

Didlake’s careful assessment process ensures that the right individuals are matched to the right opportunity – so they will be there for the long term.  Experienced Employment Specialists provide job training and consultation that gives employers confidence and lets employees grow and expand their skills.  Individual employees receive customized support ranging from assistance with transportation to help completing paperwork.

Our Programs

Individual Supported EmploymentDidlake's supported employment programs place workers in locations like the Department of Energy

Through this program, people with disabilities are matched to competitive job openings with area businesses and become employees of that business.  Didlake assists the business with screening, job training and continuing support (at no cost to the business).  Regular contact with the employer, the individual’s family and co-workers fosters success.  With its Individual Supported Employment program, Didlake has matched employees to jobs with hundreds of employers – from Wal-Mart to the World Bank.

Group Supported Employment

With Group Supported Employment, people with disabilities work alongside non-disabled employees in community businesses or government agencies, while remaining on Didlake’s payroll.  Didlake provides on-site supervision, training, counseling, advocacy and support.  Many participants in this program work
at federal government locations such as the Pentagon, Department of Energy and the Food and
Drug Administration.

Didlake and Business – Community Partners

Many of our community partners begin working with us by allowing us to perform a Situational Assessment within their workplace.  Didlake Employment Specialists work with employers and a person with a disability to create a real-world, on-site assessment or working interview revealing that individual’s ability to perform a job.  We also offer services that match individuals with disabilities to jobs at all skill levels.

For more information about Didlake’s Supported Employment programs, please contact us via email or phone 703.361.4195.  Toll free 866.361.4195.