Community Inclusion Program (CIP)

Didlake’s Community Inclusion Program (CIP) is a licensed day support service that has received accreditation recognized internationally. The program is aimed at joining people with disabilities with their communities. Didlake’s vision is for communities to be enriched by the inclusion of people with disabilities in valued social roles.

The program helps participants reach their goals by:

  • Placing value on participants’ contributions
  • Setting high expectations, and
  • Supporting individual goals.


Didlake’s CIP offers the most support to participants of any of our programs. Staff continually assess participants. This allows them to determine strengths, needs, and preferences to create an Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Providing Options

Skill Development/Personal Enrichment

  • Social/communication skills
  • Personal care tasks
  • Self-awareness/self-advocacy
  • Cooking classes
  • Fitness activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Current events

Expressive Arts

  • Art, drama, and music activities led by licensed and certified professionals

Community Involvement

Educational and Recreational Activities

  • Museum tours, sporting, and community events
  • A focus on community resources, community safety, and positive social interactions


The CIP has a high ratio of staff to participants. That, and Didlake’s reputation as a trusted source for service, have drawn the attention of referring agencies and family members of people with disabilities. The CIP provides the setting for people with disabilities to be valued and to meet their goals.

Serving Participants Where They Live

The CIP is located throughout Virginia: Bealeton, Manassas, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, and Woodbridge. For specific location information, visit our Locations page.

Request Information or Make a Referral

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