Didlake and the CARF Accreditation Process Video Script

Rex Parr: CARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

John Craig: It’s an international accreditation body that we are beholding to to maintain accreditation that’s required to perform the services that we provide in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Rex Parr: When you are a senior manager, or a board member, or a stakeholder for that matter, and you have concerns about the quality of the service that an organization is going to deliver, you can try to come up with standards that you want to follow or you can turn to an external organization, like CARF, which is in the sole business of accrediting quality driven organizations that provide rehabilitation services.

John Craig: The accreditation survey is a very rigorous process that we go through. It amounts to a three or four day process in which surveyors come in from around the country to take an in-depth look at Didlake to examine how well we have done in relation to hundreds of standards. The standards that we have to conform to are standards that look at the finance and administration of our organization, the rehabilitation services that we offer, and the employment opportunities that we create for people with disabilities. There are literally hundreds of standards that we have to conform with.  Probably the most important standards that we have to address are standards that address the health and safety of the individuals that Didlake serves. CARF is for the rehabilitation aspect of Didlake but it’s something that incorporates all aspects of Didlake.  It incorporates our Finance and Administration, what we call our Contract Operations but it’s principally focused on the rehabilitation services that we offer.

Rex Parr: Long before there was a requirement for Didlake to be CARF accredited, we selected CARF as our own standard of excellence. We adopted their standards, we now operate in accordance with those standards, and it is what allows us to derive quality services from the work that we do.

John Craig: Since then we have incorporated all of those responsibilities into our day-to-day operations so that we can be prepared for CARF if they walk in the door tomorrow. Everybody plays a part in terms of our preparation for CARF accreditation and our performance during the actual survey. Didlake is very proud of the performance of our staff in all of our CARF accreditation surveys. We do represent a very high standard in the industry across the country and we are very confident that our staff is going to perform at that same level with our next CARF accreditation that’s coming up next spring.

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