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Logistical Support

NAICS Codes:
488991: Packing and Crating
488992: Postal Service
488993: Couriers
488994: Office Administrative Services
488995: Facilities Support Services
488996: Document Preparation Services
488997: Other Business Service Centers
488998: All Other Business Support Services
488999: Janitorial Services
489000: Landscaping Services
Didlake manages the flow of goods and information between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet the requirements of customers. Logistical Support Services involve the integration of personnel, information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, and often security to ensure that the supply and demand cycle is fulfilled.

By its very definition, Logistical Support Services are integrated into every service delivery requirement that Didlake performs.

Distribution Services

Didlake supplies accountable distribution services world-wide for our Federal sponsors.  Employees pack and ship unclassified, classified, hazmat, medical, vehicles, and other types of materials using sophisticated information and tracking systems. We work directly with many of the world’s leading commercial partners in fulfilling the logistical requirements of our contracts, and we have a credentialed staff that is experienced in shipping and transportation regulations.

Document Management Services

Didlake document management services include scanning, shredding, destruction, form and correspondence preparation, records management, reporting, data entry, sorting, file maintenance and retrieval, distribution, and delivery in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Fleet Management Services

Didlake operates a Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) located in Portsmouth, Va. for the Department of Defense (DoD). This contract entails providing complete transportation and storage services for sponsored shipments of privately owned vehicles (POVs) belonging to military service members and transportation of DoD-sponsored shipments of POVs for DoD Civilian employees. 

Secure Mail Services

Didlake has provided mail services to our customers since our first Business Service Center opened in 1979.  In 1996, we began our first mailroom services contract for the Federal Government.  Since then, we’ve successfully sorted and delivered millions of pieces of mail for our Federal customers. 

Didlake processes incoming and outgoing mail, sorting and delivering approximately 20 million pieces of correspondence annually for the combined agencies served.  Services include facilitation of USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL service, distribution of internal mail, database updates of government personnel and database research of misdirected mail.  All classes of mail, including classified, certified, registered, express and accountable mail are handled by Didlake employees. Government internal diplomatic pouch mail is processed and dispatched for regional field offices throughout the nation on a daily basis and all mail is logged, tracked and reported. 

Employees deliver the mail and provide direct mailing support throughout the buildings at Department of Energy, Peace Corps and the General Services Administration, all of which have recognized Didlake and AbilityOne employees for outstanding services they have provided. Didlake’s other federal mail center customers include the Army National Guard, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services and D.C. Pretrial Services Agency.

The work done through Didlake’s AbilityOne mail centers at the Peace Corps and Department of Energy were recognized with GSA Excellence Awards.


Didlake employees operate helpdesk and work order support service centers to manage both facility and logistic inquiries for our customers and their tenants.  Facilities helpdesk duties include receiving and directing maintenance requests, generating work orders, coordinating telephone moves/changes, and scheduling movement of items within facilities (furniture, boxes, paper, conference room set-up). Work order operations include the generation, receipt, acknowledgement, prioritization, and assignment of work order completion.

Transportation Support Services

Didlake provides personnel travel arrangements and cargo transportation services for selected military, civilian, and diplomatic leaders.  Cargo shipments involve personal property movement of household goods, passenger services, and installation transportation office staff support activities.

Please contact Didlake contract services via email at or phone 703.361.4195 for more information or to request a proposal about how Didlake’s AbilityOne Contracts Services can meet your needs.